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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 23, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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someone invented a plastic disk that could fly farther. someone invented a plastic captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: hello, everybody. hi. welcome to the show called "huckabee." from the fox studios in new york city. what a great audience we've got out here today. they're wired up. i hope you are at home. tonight, fox news correspondent steve harrigan, he has seen it all. he was fox's first reporter on the ground in afghanistan. he filed countless reports from iraq. the genocidal wars in africa and natural disasters like hurricane katrina. he has seen death and destruction before. but the latest assignment, the haiti earthquake, has perhaps been his toughest yet. steve is going to join us and share some of his personal perspective and the emotional stories that he shared with all of us.
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also this week's voters in historically liberal massachusetts voted for conservative scott brown as the next u.s. senator. alabama congressman parker griffith, former democrat who turned republican is here. we'll ask him why he made the switch. we've got a great american success story. soon to be 99-year-old ebie hallaway is still working. she's a real estate legend and she's here to help tell us why character and teamwork helped her stay on top for 60 years. brace yourself, get ready. i'm wired about this. coming back, neil sedaka, one of the most prolific writers and performers in entertainment is back to perform the latest hit and he will join the little rocker farce classic song he wrote. once again, one of my favorites and yours, neil sedaka with us tonight on the show. [ applause ] scott brown defeat of martha coakley in the massachusetts
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senate campaign on tuesday was a second boston tea party. as the democrats were dumped in the boston harbor. our colonial ancestors tossed tea over to protest taxation without representation because they couldn't elect a member to the british parliament. we have gone far beyond taxation without representation. we have bail-out representation. boondoggleal, spending without representation. unconstitutional healthcare mandates without representation. critic of the growing t-party movement argue american have the two senators and congressmen. but that is not how the system looks to the tea partiers. they believe the lobbyists on k-street have 100 senators and 435 representatives and they don't have any. the lobbyist support both parties. they know that the sausage that congress cooks has some different seasonings depending whether the democrats or the republicans
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are in power. it may offer heavier or lighter federal control but the ingredients are still the same. it's still made from pure pork. and we feed the pig. president obama's promise that healthcare negotiations would be broadcast on c-span helps explain why the country elected him. he spoke to our hunger for fixing the system. watch youtube of him making the promise. watch the audience member and look how the failu failures lig up. his failure to keep the promise explains why massachusetts elected scott brown. the way healthcare was negotiated an the special interest have all the seats at the table, behind the locked door, in the secret room. we the people, we the patients, we didn't have a seat. as if we played musical chairs and the american people were left standing when the music stopped. december 16, 1773, the
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morning of the boston tea party, 5,000 patriots gathered at the south meeting house, site for worship and politics. it was god's house and people's house. the cocan lonial leaders had no backroom deals to hide from god or the powers. today the leaders are too ashamed to conduct business in front of the people, let alone god. every member of congress knows in the gut what is in the people's interest and what is in k-street's interest. if you think your real boss is a smug guy sitting in a corner office with his gucci loafers on a mo hagny desk and not the folks back home, those who voted for you and give you 25 and $50 hard earned buck and put up yard sign and made calls for you, then you deserve to lose. shame on you, mr. congressman. you shouldn't just be fired, you should be tarred and feathered as the original tea partiers would have done. [ applause ]
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that is my view. i welcome yours. go to and click on the fox news feedback section. i hope to hear from you. we were all deeply moved by the gripping and gut-wrenching images coming from haiti. i am very proud of the fox team there to bring us stories of those whose lives were shredded by the earthquake. >> what we are seeing a lot is amputations because the rescuers couldn't get to those with the open fractures in the first few hours. some waited for four or five days and so you see a lot of people missing a stump of arm or leg. they didn't want gangrene to set in. only option was amputation. doing 25 a day right now. leak this one, who was
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brought here by the rescuers. >> mike: some of stories gave us hope like an 8-year-old pulled out alive after being buried under the rubble of supermarket for seven days. but there are hundreds of thousands of personal tragedies like this one witnessed by our own steve harrigan. >> a lot of the people who are afraid to go back in the houses, or haven't been destroyed are out in the open area. you see the little girl set up shop here with a chair from the school bus. come over here and hard stories on the mattresses. this girl lost two of her fingers. she's been unable to really get treated at the hospital. the worst story is over here. this woman lost four children inside the initial quake and lost her fifth and final child at the hospital.
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not getting much help from her family. >> steve harrigan joins us now and please make him welcome. maus plause -- [ applause ] >> mike: hello, steve. great to have you here. i was never so proud to be part of the fox news team as i was watching you and bill hemmer, orlando, geraldo. we had a number of people on the field. and brian wilson is there this weekend. the folks did an incredible job of being first class professionals. this is obviously one of the personal stories you had to cover. >> a tough one and with me the camera man had to run everything off the car battery for a week. technically it was a challenge, too. emotionally to get it on the air a was tough from there. >> you were there 24 hours after the earthquake hit.
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with a was the first reaction you had when you went to haiti and look at the aftermath. >> to fly low a few hundred yards over the houses. sometimes you can get a doll house and take the roof off and every house looked like that. look at where the people were once living. >> you were there after iraq and you've seen the genocide in africa. was it different than what you say in haiti and how? >> usually in those places, like in the u.s. the first day you see people getting help. here with that woman who lost her children, on a mattress in a dirt. this was day two. zero help. you're witnessing something tragic and no one there to help. that made it hard. you felt helpless. you didn't see help there immediately. >> mike: you witnessed some of the most gripping things and the reports were
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extraordinary. we have some video of what i was, as i watched it live as you did the report, one of the most powerful moments i've seen on television in my life. ready with the video if we are, go to it. >> i have a pretty thick skin and i've seen a lot of stuff and can ignore a lot of stuff. when we were sitting there this morning and watching that woman wail, you know, there was nobody for her. her husband is just trying to hold her down on a mattress in a field. just from going insane in her loss. that loss is horrific in any culture but in a culture where you are utterly -- where you are alone, it just makes it all the more difficult. >> mike: steve, there was a lot of emotion in that report. you clearly maintained a sense of equal librium but how can you not have had
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emotion reporting that? i can't begin to imagine what you were seeing. my first reaction was thank god i'm not having to look at it, accept on a one dimensional screen. >> this crowd was just waiting to see the dead bodies. it was morbid. different part of the city you can smell the bodies. it's a tough environment to be standing in. the crowd around you. i wanted to finish the sentence. the anchor let me do it. we had a young haitian guy helping us named watson. almost every day for no reason or reasons i didn't know he'd break down. we're working and he'd just start crying. because even if you are not hurt, just seeing it, it just hits you. >> mike: and you captured
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something there, that you felt that the people were so alone, abandoned. left to themselves. that's what appeared to be coming through, these weren't just people who were hurting but people who were hurting reaching out for help. and nobody was reach back to say we're there for you. >> that was a sense, that you are seeing crowds of people desperate. i've seen pain in places after disasters but there is a pain off the charts. >> if you waiting to get the 4-year-old out of the rubble and you caller him and he calls to you, that might be incredibly bad night, but for four nights you can't understand it. how a woman could be calling for four nights. >> mike: another moment that was descriptive, your
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description of the indignity of the treatment of the human beings. i want us to watch the report you filed from haiti. >> here comes a delivery. more bodies. here comes another truck behind that one. one after the other. this is the conveyor belt of death. is anyone keeping count? does anyone know their names? some garbage first, then the arms, legs and the torsos. another half dozen souls. bulldozer pushes a mix of dirt and garbage on top of the corpses. there is a corpse halfway out. he didn't make it. maybe on this push, he'll get some rest. the hole there, 30 feet deep. hole there. hole there. a hole there. as far as i can see here. holes for fresh bodies and paving over where bodies once were. >> mike: think of all the reports i saw, that gripped
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me the most. there was no sense of treating people like human beings. people with the trash of the street pushed to the shall doe gaves. >> julie >> you can't point finger of blame. the sanitary conditions mandated that. but, i think that's my job. i'm sorry, too. it's so tough. this was on a morning show, too, where you don't usually have that stuff. i think that's my job. it's not to tell anyone what to do. or who so the blame. this is the pit. there are the bodies. people are not even putting them in bags here. >> mike: steve, i want to continue the conversation when we come back. there is so much more to talk about. people of haiti are asking for help. coming up, we will ask steve whether or not they're getting it. we'll be right back. don't go away. [ female announcer ] the only thing better than seafood
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>> mike: we are back with steve harrigan and his reporting from haiti. you saw a lot going on and horrible stuff. as you spent the time there, did you see things getting better? >> definitely improvements and feeding stations set up, water stations. we saw the red cross out there. we saw the u.s. army set up feeding point on what used to be a golf course. >> there are 20 or 30 deep in some places.
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this is the first presence. if trouble starts and pushing is out of hands, they blow a fog horn. so far, we haven't seen anything more than pushing and shoving and scuffling. it's ugly one of the aid workers said. they get the m.r.e. you wants. this is for one day. pasta with tomato sauce. pop-tarts there. and peanut butter. we got yellow rice. pasta and rice. better than mre for soldiers. it's supposed to keep you going for one full day.
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thigh have tried a number of -- they have had a number of systems. since it's working the other aid groups have come to the mountain top. catholic relief services over there so people are getting water, food, on the mountain side. >> mike: were you afraid for your life at some point? >> no. i had people yell at me. having haitians work with us eased tension. >> mike: are you going back? >> if it gets violent i'll go back. >> mike: of all the things you've seen, this was the most emotional for you. >> yeah. i've never done that on camera. it's not about you. but you're not supposed to do that. >> mike: we have seen a lot of things and over the weekend there has been massive group of hollywood stars who have been doing a fundraiser for which i'm grateful for the efforts. there is abjoit pours, give through or text, on the screen, the $10
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donation. is it making a difference? >> it's a tough story but people are interested. i come back here and my families and friends, the ratings are high. people want to help. i think the haitians, they're expecting the best from us. they are waiting patiently and think the world will do the right thing. >> i'm proud of the united states, the efforts but i want you to know how very proud i am of the reporting you did and the fox colleagues and colleagues from the other news organizations as well. for chose who couldn't be there to give us window in the horrible tragedy. thank you. steve harrigan. well, last tuesday voters in massachusetts fired a shot heard around the world. electing a republican to the senate for the first time in nearly 40 years. is it a precursor to swinging pendulum of power in washington? we ask the alabama congressman parker who changed his colors himself from blue to red up next. [ male announcer ] introducing the all-new lexus gx.
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>> mike: the people of massachusetts sent a message to congress last week electing a republican, scott brown to the senate. should republicans feel overconfident about it? yes, checked around and got a question from the audience and we're going to find out. let's see. where is that a question? yes, sir. >> yes, governor huckabee, what do you think the effect of the recent scout brown senatorial victory will have on the obama presidency? >> mike: i am going to give you a surprising answer because a lot of people say it's the end of the obama presidency. it's the end of democrat dominance in congress but it is going to make it much more difficult to defeat president obama in 2012. look back to 1982, president reagan had a terrible first
8:24 pm
mid-term. and the democrats had a sweeping success in congress that year. he came back to win in the largest landslide in history of the country. 1994, roll forward, bill clinton, tanks in '93. terrible year in '94. congress is taken over by the republicans. two years later he's overwhelmingly re-elected. i am not predicting the outcome but what will happen if barack obama is half as smart as president as he was as candidate and his team, what will happen is he will make course corrections and adjustments and he will be a much stronger president in 2012 as an incumbent than he is right now. because he won't make the same dumb mistakes that he and his team have made along with pelosi and harry reid. it will be a lot or more interesting to watch in republicans have to do more than play the defense. they have to get the ball and score points or they are not going to be in good shape either. well, we are going the talk about it some more with alabama congressman parker
8:25 pm
griffith who last month changed party affiliation from democrat to republican. join me in welcoming congressman parker griffith. [ applause ] >> thank you, governor. appreciate you. >> mike: congressman, come on up. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. congressman, the obvious question. i need to disclose to the audience before your switch i'm a good friend of one of the opponents you will have in in the republican primary a person who i like very much, but i wanted to say that because i didn't want you nor the audience i heerm with an ambush. i want to talk not about the future of the election. i'm very interested what caused you to say enough of this. i'm leaving the democratic party. >> i have always been independent and conservative individual, elected to congress from alabama five. >> i was able to watch the democratic party up close. there are fine conservative democrats in the party.
8:26 pm
they have no voice. the left wing of the democratic party is carrying it all the way to the cliff. i watched a disastrous stimulus bill. disastrous cap and trade bill done in the middle of the night. and then i watched this healthcare bill. done behind closed doors. misrepresenting the healthcare of america. as a physician for 40 years of course i was interested in that that. when we saw the debt pimed on our children and grandchildren, i felt like it was time to more to say enough is enough. and the republicans, every time i looked around for help for missile defense or manned space flight, there was a republican there. well, maybe i need to be with people helping me and my
8:27 pm
constituents. that's what made me switch. >> i'm sure it wasn't the most popular decisions you made with the democratic leaders. we'll talk about that when we come back. i'm anxious to find out what did nancy pelosi say to you when she heard the news? that is what we'll check out. coming up more with congressman griffith. later songwriter mastermind neil sedaka. he has done it again. you find out later. ♪ love hurts ♪ love scars ♪ love wounds [ male announcer ] before you ever love it, the nissan altima goes through over 5,000 tests. no wonder it's ranked highest in initial quality by j.d. power and associates. it's quality you can love. lease an altima for $189 a month or get $1,500 cash back. offers end february 1st. ♪
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from america's news headquarters, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. a 23-year-old man has been pulled live from rubble in haiti from hotel market in port-au-prince, 11 days after the quake leveled much of the capital. doctors report he's in good condition. ironically this come on the same day that the haiti government officially called off the search for more possible survivors. arizona and new mexico now blanketed with the snow by the same storm that flooded southern california and n the past week. more than four feet has already fallen in arizona. another six inches of new snow may be coming. winter weather advisory has been issued for southern new mexico, where forecasters say winds could reach near 90 miles an hour in some areas and the storm is expected to continue east across the u.s. i'm kimberly guilfoyle. join us tonight for "geraldo
8:31 pm
at large," live from haiti. >> mike: we are back with alabama congressman parker griffith, republican mo used to be a democrat. i want to know did nancy pelosi say anything to you? did she call you up and say congre congre congressman! >> nothing yet. some of her friends called. interestingly enough, i've been warmly received by many of the friends in the democratic party because many of them understand what i did. whether they do the same thing or not depends on the individual circumstances. but the republican reception has been very warm. many of my friends have been my friends. politics is one thing and friendship is another. >> mike: are we going to see more democrats pitch is parties? >> i think we are going to see maybe switches and maybe more retirements. many of the democrats who are really not in touch with the
8:32 pm
far left wing of the party are retiring. >> mike: congressman dick snider from my district, my congressman. >> a great congressman. >> mike: a man of great conscience. we work together when i was lieutenant governor, he was a state senator and he went to congress. the thing i learned about vic, a man of conscience and conviction. but even when i disagree with him all the time he did what he believed was right. he retired. i know he has family obligations. i know that. i think deep down a lot of it was sick of having to put up with pressured all the time to vote for things and knowing that the constituen constituenciconstituency back home didn't want him to. >> he felt free like me if he made the decision, because if you follow convictions. mine were for constituents, jobs, missile defense, japan, israel, all of those people are impacted by the district. missile defense and army
8:33 pm
aviation. i'm concerned about the administration attitude toward the defense and international allies. i don't think it's been as strong and clear as it should have been. >> the israel alys are very, very concerned about feeling abandoned in what is a reel threat iran on the nuclear side. >> absolutely they are. i have been to israel twice in eight months and they're concern and anxious. they don't understand the ambiguity or the double talk. making nice with iran, each time we have done that two weeks later we found another nuclear reactor they didn't tell us about or missile test they didn't tell us about. the state department and administration hopefully they will realize this is a big boy game, hard ball out there. the people are not going to change the attitude toward america. they will change because we're stronger than they are.
8:34 pm
the idea it will be fine is a big mistake. america needs to insist the military remains strong and we as america, 5% of the world, 95% of the world lives somewhere else. we are number one militarily and number one in post secondary education and development of the pharmaceuticals and medical research. yet, we're only 5% of the world. that american spirit and culture is being attacked by the administration. i don't think we can tolerate it anymore. >> thank you for the courage and conviction. great to have you here. appreciate you coming on and glad you told the story of switch to the party. if you hear from nancy pelosi come back and tell us what she said. can't wait to hear. >> appreciate you. [ applause ] >> mike: coming up, most people her age retired more than 30 years ago. yet she keeps going and going. in spite of the hussing bust, her real estate business is booming. what is it that ebby halloday
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>> mike: i hope you are listening to the huckabee report on the stations around america. if you want to get more information, go to and click on "huckabee report. "in thes next guest has been -- my next guest has been in real estate for a long time, more than 65 years. while most of the nation saw a decline many housing sales and prices in 2009, her company ranked the top independent real estate in texas and ten in the country just celebrated its best year ever. what is the secret to her longevity and success? please welcome the first lady of real estate in the
8:39 pm
lonestar state, ebby hallo day. what a delight! >> thank you. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> mike: you inspiinspire me an the rest of america with your remarkable story. the obvious question you're a few weeks away from being 99. what is the secret of longevity? >> governor, my secret is that i don't drink, i don't smoke, i don't retire, and i wanted to live long enough to be on the "huckabee" show. [ laughter ] >> mike: well with, you've made it. maus pla a lot of americans just decided not to drink, not to smoke and try to be on my show. your company is celebrating 65 years of a remarkable success of real estate. you went in the business when women didn't run businesses. what was the key of breaking into a man's world and then
8:40 pm
being so much better at it than others? >> well, i was transferred to dallas, texas, in 1938 by a national milne areey company and i changed my product from hats to houses in 1945. so that was one of the real things that got me started. >> mike: but you as a person -- i remember reading in the book, a wonderful book, and we hope folks will enjoy it. ebby, what struck me is you had no experience in real estate and someone said what is wrong with this house, how come it's not selling? asked you to tell him and the next thing you know they're selling like crazy. you had a feel for it. >> well, they needed softening of the cement. the developer had bought the
8:41 pm
old walnut hill golf course. and had built 52 cement houses that were reinforced with steel. they were well-built. but they were ugly. [ laughter ] and i probably did the first staging of the houses. and covered up some of the cement with wall covering, carpeting. and decorated them with cottage furniture. and i sold them all in nine months. >> mike: wow. >> of course, he had to buy an insurance company to finance them. because the mortgage on the cement houses weren't too plentiful. then i sold the cornfield across the road to george
8:42 pm
mixen senior, who got a couple of builders in there. dave fox and jacobs who later became -- >> mike: my wife and i the first house we bought in fort worth, texas, was fox and jacobs home that was built in the 1970s. amazing. >> that was my second inventory. very few houses had been built in world war ii. so we blossomed and as the population of dallas grew and the boys came home from the war, and that was honeymoon cottages for many of them. >> mike: you brought ukulele and my staff tells me you have a special song you want to do on my show. >> oh, i do! i do indeed! >> mike: i have not heard it. i've heard about it. >> with apologies to real
8:43 pm
musicians like you. >> mike: like neil sedaka, not me. i just want to be one. ♪ ♪ ♪ we honor an honorable gentleman ♪ ♪ whose name we all know ♪ they never mess with texas ♪ ♪ he only made it grow ♪ so, governor huckabee, we all salute you ♪ ♪ that we want you to know ♪ ♪ ♪ i have another verse to sing to you ♪ [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> mike: ebby, that's precious! i may have to bring you back. you got another one?
8:44 pm
>> ♪ have you been in texas when it happened, you might have even won the alamo ♪ >> mike: you're a sweetheart. ebby, thank you! we'll put this here. i want to thank you for coming and being on our show today. >> well, thank you. >> mike: you're a delight to be with. thank you for sharing the wonderful story of your life together when you turn 99 this year. remember when you turn 100, come back and we'll do another song. put you on with the little rockers. >> thank you. >> mike: be a boost for us. >> i'll try to learn to play that thing. >> mike: that's what they keep asking me to do every week on my guitar. ebby, thank you. [ applause ] coming up, another master of his trade who has stood the test of time. pop icon neil sedaka is here. you will not want to miss this. a brand new c.d. i love. you will, too. , unlock a sensory wonderland, overflowing with an amazing
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>> mike: his music timeless. song he is wrote are favorites with those of us today and he continues to create great music and out with a brand new album. welcome back, neil sedaka. [ applause ] wow! what an honor to have you back. it was great before. >> thank you. >> mike: i tell people if i can get somebody back i feel like it's terrific. >> well, you made me number one the last time, so maybe it will happen again. >> mike: well, it ought to. this new c.d. is spectacular. first time you've been back in the studio with new material in what? >> ten years. this is the first studio album of new neil sedaka songs. >> mike: a lot of passion in the cd. >> i write from my heart and soul and i try to do something new each time. change the tempo and emotions.
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>> mike: i wanted to read this quote from the "usa today" that reviewed the new cd. here is what alicia gardner said. sedaka decided to do what he does best, catchy. sweetly sung pop tunes and the melody ambitious you will forget the predictable drip of sap. she says this is his -- no, he claims this is his last set of pop songs. let's hope he reconsider cans. she gives you five stars, love us it. got rave reviews. i've listened to all 12 cuts and i agree. it's spectacular. versatile. you cover a lot of musical gen genre. >> thank you. in the second grade in brooklyn new york we had a program. [ applause ] >> mike: brooklyn people. >> i was fortunate. i was in a musical program and the second grade teacher saw that i had talent. and she sent me home to mom and dad with a note saying that mom and dad should buy a piano. my father was only a cab
8:50 pm
driver. we couldn't afford a piano. mom took a job as saleswoman. and we bought a second hand upright for 500 bucks. that teacher started me off. >> mike: i think you turned out pretty well, neil, with the upright piano. with a great american story. you went to julliard school of music, classicly trained musician. >> i started as concertpyianist -- pianist at julliard. then rubinstein chose me as the best new york high school pianist and i played on wqxr. >> mike: remarkable career. this may be the crowning work. people who loved the genre of your music get it on or to find out where to get the cd. i hope they get it. if they love it half as much as me they will be amazed and ashamed they spent so little for so much fun. do a cut and then in a few minutes do one with the little rockers? >> great. i'd love it. >> mike: you have to. because we say so.
8:51 pm
all right. we'll let you do one of the brand new cuts from music of my life. >> yes. it call it, "do you remember." >> mike: neil sedaka. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ sne ♪do you remember picnic in the park ♪ ♪ do you remember dancing in dark ♪ ♪ do you remember lying in the stand and the special moments in wonderland ♪ ♪ if i could take the pressure moments put them in a box ♪ ♪ if i could hear the time once more i'd turn back the clock ♪ ♪ wouldn't it be wonderful ♪ the way things were then ♪ i would like to turn back time ♪ ♪ live it all again
8:52 pm
♪ do you remember our first kiss ♪ ♪ do you remember falling in love like this ♪ ♪ time goes by so swiftly and time goes by so fast ♪ ♪ i want to have the good times ♪ ♪ i want a love to last [speaking foreign language] ♪ ♪ ♪ i would like to turn back time ♪ ♪ live it all again ♪ i would like to turn back time ♪ ♪ live it all again
8:53 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ singing in foreign langua language ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mike: comingp, neil sedaka's song "love will keep us together." that made stars out of the captain may make stars out of the little rockers.
8:54 pm
we'll see. stick around to find out. be right back with neil sedaka. walmart's $10 90-day generic prescriptions... don: matter where you live. don: plus get free shipping on over 3,000 other prescriptions. don: call 1-800-2-refill for your free home delivery. save money. live better. walmart.
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8:56 pm
>> mike: back with neil sedaka and joined by the little rockers. neil, this song was your first grammy. >> yes. song of the year in 1975. >> mike: and group called the captain and tenihle did it, but you have your own version of your own song. >> why not? >> mike: think the little rockers will cause it to be the second grammy for the song?
8:57 pm
>> you never know. >> mike: hope so. >> let's hope so. >> mike: we'll do "love will keep us together." remind toefsh go to the new cd "music of my life." go with "love will keep us together." ♪ ♪ ♪ love ♪ love will keep us together ♪ ♪ think of me babe whenever ♪ some sweet talking guy comes along ♪ ♪ singing a song ♪ don't mess around ♪ you just got to be strong ♪ you better stop ♪'cuz i really love you ♪ stop, i'll be thinking of you ♪ ♪ look in my heart and let love keep us together ♪ sounds good! ♪ now you, you belong to me now ♪
8:58 pm
♪ ain't going to set you free now ♪ ♪ well those g guys hanging around ♪ ♪ talking me down ♪ here with your heart and you won't hear a sound ♪ ♪ just stop ♪'cuz i really love you ♪ now stop ♪ i'll be thinking of you ♪ look in my heart and let love keep us together ♪ ♪ whatever ♪ love and you're beautiful ♪ some day you will look and be gone ♪ ♪ when the others turn you off ♪ ♪ who will be turning you on ♪ ♪ly ♪ i will ♪ i will ♪ i will ♪ be there forever ♪ love will keep us together ♪
8:59 pm
♪ others pretend ♪ i need you now ♪ better stop because i really love you ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be thinking of you ♪ look in my heart and let us love keep us together ♪ ♪ whatever ♪ i will ♪ly ♪ will >> mike: from all of us here at "huckabee" in new york, have a great night. god bless. thanks, neil sedaka. have a great time. see you next week!


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